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Oct 16 -Spotlight on Member: Bay’s Southern Bread
Spotlight on Member: Bay’s Southern Bread

October 16, 2012
From: The Lebanon / Wilson Chamber Newsletter

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bay started their family owned business in their home. She was known for making some fabulous sourdough bread that, until their business was started, was shared only with family and friends.         

At the time when the bakery enterprise idea was initiated, Mr. Charles  Bay was an account representative with the Kenneth O. Lester Company, a principle supplier to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.

They were invited to bring a sampling of the bread over to Cracker Barrel for a taste test by Dan Evins, a founder of the restaurant chain and former CEO and chairman. Mr. Evins liked the bread. Mr. Evins asked if the Bays would be willing to transform their home kitchen into a test kitchen to see if the recipe used to make the few test loaves could be adjusted to mass produce the bread. Getting a positive response from Mr. Bay, Cracker Barrel moved forward to help them set up a test kitchen in their home.

Bay’s Southern Bread was founded in 1985, they currently supply all the Cracker Barrel restaurants with sourdough bread, made right here in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Mr. Charles Bay passed away in December 2008, operations are managed by Mr. Kevin Bay.

The story is worth telling over and over again. And one for which the entire Bay family can be proud. 615-449-6444