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It's the holiday season. Time to enjoy family and friends. Time, also, to think of others less fortunate. Share the love and joy brought to us through the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas! Mayor Philip Craighead
July 21st marked the official ribbon cutting for the Lebanon Town Square project which was a joint project of the City of Lebanon and the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Learn More...
$250,000 Clean Tennessee Energy Grant Check Presentation to the City of Lebanon Learn More...
See galleries from around the City of Lebanon and many of our great events! Learn More...

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Welcome to the new website for Mayor Philip Craighead of the City of Lebanon.

Our content has been restructured for easier access and availability. If you're looking for an older article, please use the website search to locate any matching content. We update our website often, so make sure to visit for new updates, local news, photos and more!

As Mayor, one of my constant objectives will be to provide the citizens of Lebanon with clear and concise communication from their elected government.

Our government is intended to serve the people, and provide the leadership and guidance to help our city and community grow, remain safe, and prosper.

This website will be another source of insight into the government of Lebanon, TN. Please be clear that the information here is from ME - I am responsible for the content you will see here, this is my own personal idea for helping to increase transparency and communication in the Mayor's office.

We are just getting started here - so be sure to check back often!

Thank You,
Mayor Philip Craighead

Latest News & Updates

Around Town

June 7th, 2016 - Carson McRae's Eagle Scout Project at Cedar City Trail

June 7th, 2016 - Carson McRae's Eagle Scout Project at Cedar City Trail

2016 06 07 1
For his Eagle Scout Project, Carson McRae built a nice resting place along Lebanon’s Cedar City Trail.

The benched area has a peaceful view of the creek which flows through the Don Fox Community Park. The site, situated near the new City of Lebanon Dog Park, will be used by many animal lovers as they enjoy the trail and the new park.

Business News & Highlights

July 28th, 2016 - S.S. Graham Florals, Interiors and Events, Inc. Ribbon Cutting

July 28th, 2016 - S.S. Graham Florals, Interiors and Events, Inc. Ribbon Cutting

2016 07 28 1
S.S. Graham Florals, Interiors and Events, Inc., hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony conducted by the Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, July 28, 2016, at 4:30 p.m.

Owner S. Scott Graham was joined by friends, Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board Scott Jasper, President Melanie Minter, Ambassadors and Staff.

Located at The Mill at Lebanon, S.S. Graham Florals, Interiors and Events, Inc. offers one-of-a-kind arrangements for a variety of interiors and events.

For more information call (615) 443-3366 or visit the shop in The Mill at Lebanon.

City & Local Government

May 10th, 2016 - Mayor's State of the City Report

May 10th, 2016

City of Lebanon FY2016-17 Budget - Mayor's State of the City Report

We are proud to report to our citizens that the City of Lebanon remains in excellent financial condition, as we are currently projecting this current fiscal year to be another positive one and the financial outlook is extremely positive in every aspect.

We thank our citizens and businesses in our City for their individual and collective efforts to make our City a strong, vibrant community who welcomes businesses and values a high quality of life environment.

We express our appreciation to the City Council for their leadership, in not only exercising exemplary fiduciary responsibility for current expenditures, but also, preparing our City for future growth.

We express our appreciation to our City employees who are good stewards of our City’s resources and work hard every week to meet the needs of our City’s citizens.

Our City continues to grow significantly in population which was recently confirmed by our Special Census.    Our official population count is now 32,732 !  Our City is positioned to continue to grow in population and commercially due to its geographic location in relationship to the nation’s population and transit systems.   The City is very fortunate to have 5 interstate exits, commuter train service and major highways allowing for easy travel in all directions.  

We are proud that we have been serving a significant increase in population over the past 15 years with a 3 % decline in the full time City workforce.   With continued growth in our population, we will need to periodically increase the number of employees in some departments to ensure citizen safety and good customer service.

Growth in population and commercial entities brings the necessity of growth of our infrastructure, such as fire and police protection services, utility services, sanitation services, and general municipal support services.  I am pleased to present the FY2016-17 Budget, which addresses these growing infrastructure needs, with a full management team effort, we are presenting a budget, which addresses this coming fiscal year’s needs, along with future needs.

This budget will not have to rely on reserves to make it a balanced budget, as has happened in our past history.

Over the last 2 years, due to partnerships with the county and surrounding cities, we have seen a growth of 3,500 new jobs in Wilson County!  The City of Lebanon remains very committed to growth of retail businesses.

We continue to invest in our City’s airport, as we are moving forward with a new terminal and new hangars.

In my budget for the coming fiscal year, we will continue to improve our aging fleet of equipment, make improvements of our streets and sidewalks, and the updating of our aging water & sewer systems.   We will continue addressing our drainage issues with an experienced crew, who have already completed several projects throughout our City.   This budget for the coming fiscal year will include an additional list of projects or equipment, which can be addressed when the revenues exceed budgeted levels.

The City of Lebanon remains in excellent financial condition overall, there are several “growth” projects that will bring financial challenges and will need the prudent attention of the City’s governing body over the coming months.  

The City’s leaders are currently discussing three extremely important “growth” projects which include a new fire hall located on Hwy. 109, road construction of Legends Drive, and road construction in the Beckwith Road area.   While the fire hall will support new and existing growth with better emergency response services, the two road projects will spur additional economic growth for the City over the coming decades.

We will move forward with the Legends Drive first and the economic returns to the City from it will help plan for the Beckwith Road project.

We recognize the need for additional parks and recreational facilities, as our City grows.  We need to support both our baseball and soccer programs with new fields and parks.   We are presently supporting the new batting facility through a partnership with Lebanon Youth Baseball, which involves over 600 of our young people!   Investments in these kinds of programs will pay dividends for years to come for our City.

In addition to the financial challenge of providing the needed infrastructure improvements due to population and commercial growth, the City has some financial challenges from the past years. The City has an unfunded liability that is estimated conservatively to be $ 17-18 million in post-employment benefits promised to employees over 30 years ago.  Although we have already started to work on addressing these future costs, I am proposing in this budget to place $ 1 million in a fund to help pay for these benefit costs in the future.

In summary, the City is growing now and by economic measurements, the growth should continue for some years in the future.

Mayor Philip Craighead

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