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It's the holiday season. Time to enjoy family and friends. Time, also, to think of others less fortunate. Share the love and joy brought to us through the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas! Mayor Philip Craighead
July 21st marked the official ribbon cutting for the Lebanon Town Square project which was a joint project of the City of Lebanon and the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Learn More...
$250,000 Clean Tennessee Energy Grant Check Presentation to the City of Lebanon Learn More...
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Welcome to the new website for Mayor Philip Craighead of the City of Lebanon.

Our content has been restructured for easier access and availability. If you're looking for an older article, please use the website search to locate any matching content. We update our website often, so make sure to visit for new updates, local news, photos and more!

As Mayor, one of my constant objectives will be to provide the citizens of Lebanon with clear and concise communication from their elected government.

Our government is intended to serve the people, and provide the leadership and guidance to help our city and community grow, remain safe, and prosper.

This website will be another source of insight into the government of Lebanon, TN. Please be clear that the information here is from ME - I am responsible for the content you will see here, this is my own personal idea for helping to increase transparency and communication in the Mayor's office.

We are just getting started here - so be sure to check back often!

Thank You,
Mayor Philip Craighead

Latest News & Updates

Around Town

June 7th, 2016 - Carson McRae's Eagle Scout Project at Cedar City Trail

June 7th, 2016 - Carson McRae's Eagle Scout Project at Cedar City Trail

2016 06 07 1
For his Eagle Scout Project, Carson McRae built a nice resting place along Lebanon’s Cedar City Trail.

The benched area has a peaceful view of the creek which flows through the Don Fox Community Park. The site, situated near the new City of Lebanon Dog Park, will be used by many animal lovers as they enjoy the trail and the new park.

Business News & Highlights

July 28th, 2016 - S.S. Graham Florals, Interiors and Events, Inc. Ribbon Cutting

July 28th, 2016 - S.S. Graham Florals, Interiors and Events, Inc. Ribbon Cutting

2016 07 28 1
S.S. Graham Florals, Interiors and Events, Inc., hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony conducted by the Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, July 28, 2016, at 4:30 p.m.

Owner S. Scott Graham was joined by friends, Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board Scott Jasper, President Melanie Minter, Ambassadors and Staff.

Located at The Mill at Lebanon, S.S. Graham Florals, Interiors and Events, Inc. offers one-of-a-kind arrangements for a variety of interiors and events.

For more information call (615) 443-3366 or visit the shop in The Mill at Lebanon.

City & Local Government

September 13th, 2016 - Craighead Announces Bid for Re-Election

September 13th, 2016 - PRESS RELEASE : Craighead Announces Bid for Re-Election

2016 09 13 2
It has always been my goal as mayor to insure that our next generation’s future is built on a solid foundation. As a husband, father, and grandfather, I understand the importance of living in a community that provides the right opportunities for our children’s future.

During the last eight years, we as a city have seen the ups and downs of a very turbulent economy. Due to the recession which started in late 2008, we saw needed revenues disappear which put many projects on hold and made it very difficult to even replace necessary equipment and vehicles to maintain a constant level of service for the community. During this time, we experienced an official unemployment rate of 10%; but as we all know that was an underestimate of the true effect the economy had on our residents and the city.

The first four years of this administration, we made the necessary budget adjustments to insure we stayed in the black. We did this by freezing over $1.2 million in proposed expenditures during my first month in office. The next year, we reduced our general fund budget by over $2.5 million to insure a balanced budget. We as an administration have been able to deliver a budget which has stayed out of the red for eight years while services have improved or remained constant for our citizens, with fewer employees.

I have implemented improvements in efficiency at City Hall and other operations of the city over the last eight years. This has resulted in a financially strong city, which now has a Moody Rating of Aa2. Please go to to read this official report. A prime example of the efficiencies installed these past years is the reduction in the number of full time employees working for the City of Lebanon today as opposed to in 2000. We are serving over 12,000 more people (2000-2015) with 2.9% less full time employees.

Another prime example of addressing hard issues head on is the ever increasing cost of health insurance. While many government and private employers were experiencing 20% to 35% increase in health care cost, the city has been able to make changes in what was offered to the employees while still providing quality health care benefits. These changes have resulted in three years of savings to the City of Lebanon, which has resulted in a savings of in excess of $1.6 million yearly compared to costs in 2013.

Today, sales tax and other revenues are higher than ever recorded in our history. Unemployment last month was at 3.1%. More people and businesses want to call Lebanon their home.

Over the last eight years, we have aggressively recruited new retail, restaurants, hotels and industrial businesses to Lebanon and Wilson County. These efforts have resulted in a major reversal of what we experienced in previous recession years.

Creating jobs was key to our turn around. From 2014 to present, Lebanon and Wilson County have experienced over a dozen major industrial businesses and numerous local expansions, which has helped create a projected 3,120 new jobs with a dollar investment of close to $500 million. (Some are: Under Armour, Federal Express, B&G Foods, Softer, Sure Can, TecnoTiles, Ozburn-Hessey, Maplehurst Bakery, Optoro, and Wonder Porcelain)

I’m very proud to have been able to help play a major role in helping to facilitate these businesses locating to Lebanon and Wilson County. I especially look forward to several more coming announcements, both industrial and retail.

I believe there is still more to be done to achieve a greater economic impact and improving efficiency of operations. We are constantly moving forward in a positive direction by aggressively making contacts and making new friends who are very interested in locating their retail operations in Lebanon. One big game changing aspect for future recruitment of new stores and restaurants to Lebanon was the initiative of the census just completed which resulted in a major increase in our population, now 32,732. This showed an increase of over 6,500 residents from the 2010 census, which will result in a dollar increase for the city from State Shared Revenues of over $800,000 at no additional cost to our citizens. With the increase in jobs and population, the home and land values have increased tremendously which helps every landowner. The medium home price in 2012 was $188,426 compared to today’s medium home price of $255,372.

I have enjoyed these past eight years. I appreciate the opportunity the citizens of Lebanon have afforded me in being able to be a part of preparing this city for future generations. The goal for me is to develop a city that our children want to live, work, and play in. It is selfish, but that way we can keep the grandchildren close.

I ask for your support so I can see through the projects that are underway and which are changing our city for the better.
  • Highway 109 Fire Hall
  • Legends Drive Road Expansion
  • Gasification Project (Largest Downdraft Operation in U.S.)
  • Pet Park
  • Airport Terminal
  • Solar Energy Project
  • Animal Control Facility
  • New Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park (330 acres)
With a population of over 32,732 and being able to show a continuing strong growth pattern, Lebanon becomes more attractive to the retail industry. We have ample areas for retail growth, which includes Legends Drive, Hartmann Drive, Highway 70 West, Watertown Exit, and Highway 109, which will become desirable future locations for hotels, restaurants, and retail stores.

I’m excited about Lebanon’s future and enjoy being a part of it. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Mayor Philip Craighead

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